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I think I am pretty set in continuing my episode reviews in this blog, and while up until now they’re easy enough to navigate through, I am creating this navigation page preemptively, because I will review more and more seasons, and maybe one of these days another show (am I committed enough to do the Buffyverse? We shall see.) This way if someone – including myself – wants to find something faster than going back and back and back in posts, they can. You can just click on the show/season tag you want to jump to.

Gilmore girls 

Season 1

Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5 (in progress!)
Season 6 (patience, grasshoppers)
Season 7 (someday)

EPISODES: You can search for episodes by using /tag/name-of-the-episode at the end of the url, or /tag/ and then GG(season)X(episode). So, if you’re looking for season 1 episode 18, you can add /tag/GG1X18

CHARACTERS / PAIRINGS: You can add /tag/name-last name for individual characters – I don’t tag every episode every character appears in, but I do when their plot is super present in the episode. Same with pairings, which you can find here:
Richard x Emily, Lorelai x Emily, Lorelai x Richard, Rory x Emily, Rory x Richard,
Lorelai x MaxLorelai x LukeLorelai x Chris, Lorelai x Alex, Lorelai x Jason
Sookie x Jackson, Lorelai x Sookie
Rory x DeanRory x JessRory x Paris, Rory x Marty, Rory x Logan
Dean x Lindsey, Chris x Sherry
Lane x Dave, Lane x Rory, Lane x Zack, Lane x Kyon
Shane x Jess, Jess x Luke
Paris x Jamie, Paris x Asher
Madeline x Louise,
Kirk x Lulu
Liz x TJ
Luke x Rachel, Luke x Nicole, Luke x Liz

Some miscellaneous tags: Dean is the fucking worstLorelai is unreasonable, Ranting Luke is the best Luke, toxic masculinity.

If you feel like I should add tags wherever, please let me know and I will do it.


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