Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 3.06

‘Mors Praematura’ is a super entertaining episode! It moves a couple of big plots along quite nicely, gets real gay real fast, starts up some threads that won’t really be pulled until a while later, and is all around a great time. Let’s begin.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

We start off with Shaw getting kidnapped by Root, just like the last episode ended. And a little later, John is breaking into her apartment, on Harold’s orders, to figure out why she is missing.
John is trying to find clues, and all he finds at first are weapons in the fridge, which is pretty average, apparently. But then he spots taser confetti (some paper that is ejected, for some reason, when a taser gun is fired) on the floor.
Harold: I suppose it’s too much to hope she tased herself.
John: Knowing Shaw, it’s possible.
I mean, I’m not gonna kinkshame, but that would be an elaborate way to e-stim. But it’s true, it’s possible. And that is why she is my wife.
But the question remains… where did Root take her? What does she want from her?

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