Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls 4.16

Sad news: Trix (the reigning Lorelai) dies. Emily is planning the funeral, only to discover some upsetting things in Gran’s belongings, so she kinda, uh, loses it, and so Lorelai takes over the arrangements. Richard is understandably devastated. Luke and Nicole are fighting a lot.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Richard crying and talking to Lor about Trix makes me think of when my grandma died. They had a similar strong character, too,Trix and my Mimi. So do Richard and my dad, sometimes. Their relationship resonates with me and my own, and especially when Rory speaks about being sad that she didn’t get to know her better, and how much of a right she has to feel and cry. It is amazing the emotional places this series takes me.
Richard is drinking and sleep-deprived and devastated. Gran left specific instructions for her funeral (of course she did) which Emily attempts to follow, even though the people Trix had in mind are already retired or dead. I have always thought death should not be as big a hassle as it is for the people the dead leave behind. All the paperwork, the rituals/ceremonies. It sounds draining.

While going through Gran’s house to sort out paperwork and inventory, Emily comes across a letter from Trix to Richard, in which she begs Richard not to marry Emily. THE DAY BEFORE THEIR WEDDING. wow. That is a dick move. So Emily loses it and starts drinking and not caring about the funeral arrangements.

In the middle of this stressful situation (since she had to take over after Emily walks out) Lor forgets to buy Gran underwear, so she goes get some, but she is caving under the stress. So she loses it on an employee at the lingerie section. Callie does this in Grey’s Anatomy. I love little coincidences like that.
Rory does the obituary for Trix and finds some awesome things about her life. I wish we had seen a flashback of Trix when she was young. Although it would have probably been a bit out of place or context.
So the funeral happened. I hate funerals so much. Many people treat them as social gatherings or “time to catch up” and I just… ugh. No.

Oh yeah, Luke and Nicole are fighting a lot and the whole town stares at them every time. I am glad I don’t live in a small town.
The end.


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