Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.17

This episode is beyond fantastic. Spring break is coming! Janet invites Paris and Rory to go to Florida with friends. At first they’re not sure, because they’re, well, them, but seeing the shitty weather in New Haven, they decide to join in the college adventures.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Girls in bikinis, boys doin’ the twist!
While protesting for Burmese prisoners – I find it so odd how white college people try to find a faraway cause to support and I don’t know if they do it to avoid thinking of how many people need help and support in their own country or because they really do think only “third world countries” have problems – it starts pouring. Apparently it’s really cold (doesn’t it snow in New Haven at some point? that’s colder) and so Paris and Rory decide to take Janet up on her offer to go to Florida for spring break.

I really appreciate how the writers managed to integrate spring break into Gilmore girls. It would be uncharacteristic of Rory to do spring break, but making it first about the weather seems real enough.

This episode is full of Paris Geller gems.

I don’t know how I feel about Paris’ attitude towards the hotel employees. I mean, I guess I am glad she gives them more than enough tips but she is also super bossy and not even remotely nice.
Paris suggests rolling on the bed to “mark her territory” and do dibs on the bed, so to speak. Rory makes a joke about “upping her dosage” which bothers me a lot. Paris does struggle with personality stuff and has (had) a therapist and a life coach and everything. It’s not a pleasant joke.
Anyway. I love how Paris just has no time for spring break-ing boys. I also love the little looks Paris and Rory exchange while talking to Madeline and Louise, like they understand their humor and each other really well. By the way, how come Madeline and Louise can skip a month of school to spring break all over? Do they drop out? What is happening?!
By the way, Louise notes that Paris missed a spot with the sunscreen. Did they vacation together at some point, maybe when they were younger? I want a flashback of that!! So fun.
Madeline and Louise suggest making out with each other to get anything out of boys. YES. Milk the patriarchy.
Paris: Maybe later I will pants you for an Altoid.

This really douchey-looking-but-cute dude eye-flirts with Rory. Paris thinks the banana-eating contest is about eating bananas (by the way, there is almost nothing I can think of which is more gross than that contest). Madeline and Louise are competing with some blonde twins to be the best at spring breaking.
I find it endearing that Paris wants to have fun like everybody else and do spring break “correctly”, and she tries so so hard.

SO HARD. Sorry. I had to.

Paris: Well, Madeline and Louise do it!
Rory: Madeline and Louise wear their underwear outside of their clothes. I don’t want to do what Madeline and Louise do.

Right so, only sluts kiss girls? Being flirty is bad? WTF Rory. Get the fuck out. Not because it’s not okay for her to not want to kiss Paris, but the way she goes about it? I don’t know. On the other hand, ummm, consent?!
They get drunk and Madeline calls Dean and they talk about Dean’s marriage and how it’s not gonna last. Booop.

Jason has a talking key
I appreciate Jason a lot more this time around, to be honest. He is such a dork. He doesn’t know how to give Lorelai the key to his apartment in a way that is a kind, “romantic” gesture. A gesture of moving forward in a relationship. He is such a dork.

Lorelai: I mean, it would have been a lot more interesting to hear that from the key, it’s definitely more romantic hearing it from you.

Things are good now. Although we should have known this wouldn’t last long.

Luke is not wearing his socks
Luke is in a bad mood, so Lorelai asks him why. He is not wearing his socks. He slept at Nicole’s place, and he put on some socks, and they are other dude’s socks. Ouch.
So he follows Nicole? And waits for them to enter the house? And BEATS UP THE GUY’S CAR?! He has anger issues.

Luke: I feel like such an idiot. Suddenly I became like one of those guys that gets jealous, and you know, does crazy things.
Lorelai: You weren’t like one of those guys, you were one of those guys.

Yup. You tell him, Lor.


So to recap, Luke is pretty much breaking up with Nicole, Jason and Lor are happy, Rory called Dean – and at the end of the episode, Dean calls Rory back to chat, and Rory looks all giddy about talking to Dean which is relevant. All of this will contribute to the drama in the upcoming episodes.


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