love letter for a grave friend

 Yesterday I made a friend,
And did I fall in love
Not one to set a heart on fire
Or, well, at least not mine.

And to whom shall I show
Show some human, lovely love?
Such personal note, I haven’t seen,
And again, you never will.

I like your eyes, the purest green
Admire my love, the bloodiest red
I see in your neck, the perfect skin
For my sweet knife to kiss

Keeps growing, thirst for truth,
Sought for in love, and now in death,
Oh, I would really like to like you
But I guess I like me best

My first, like you, it will be,
A last for you, and finest
My best, to you, my darling,
Command I will you: silence.


Long ago a flower bloomed
Bloomed and died some tears ago,
But yesterday I found a knife,
And did I fall in love.



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