The Weaker Sex


“Take me dearest,

I’ll be your princess,

Even your mistress,

Whatever you want”


Can you see my ribs?

Should I resume throwing up?

Until you see my bones

At the funeral home


Oh Mrs. Reed won’t you sit properly?

Smile pretty and bow

Get down on your knees

When a gentleman’s around


“Hey Mr. Dean

Always tidy and gay,

Would you please, oh please

Enlighten my way?”


“You’re right, you’re right

Oh forgive me, Mr. Rose

Pardon my mouth for saying

Things you didn’t want to know”


You say I’m ugly when I’m sober

Do I look prettier in your bed?

I’m concerned that you will leave me

For one of your special friends


“Hit me, hit me, I was so wrong

You’re lovely, lovely, when you’re drunk

I won’t talk to anyone

Just don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t”



Loneliness biting, homeless child

Hormones escaping, raging hands

Ways out, one way, no way back

Cake, ring, new jail to be found


Those heels keep rolling down the hill

These tears keep falling out the window

This mouth is drying out

From being raped, from being shut


The mind is locked up in a room

Inside a house with mops and brooms

The heart is just there to beat and barely,

Irradiating solitude, gloom.


An epilogue.

This, not an ode to feminism

Not an “f” you to all men,

Just a reminder for the dickheads

Who abuse their so called strength


Women aren’t pets

Toys with which you play

We’ll let you drown, kick you out

Don’t touch what you can’t grab.


4 thoughts on “The Weaker Sex

  1. hmm de acuerdo en todo, a pesar q de que a veces me consideres muy conservadora jajaja. no ue este el poema q hiciste en 1er semestre cuando hicimos el trabajo de “House on Mango Street”??? mera curiosidad…
    un abrazote

  2. algo cambiado y arreglado y agregando cosas pero si.. lo saqué d ahí y lo renové XD.. además, mi girl power dbía hacerse presente en mi blog 😛

  3. Pequena libertadora! veo a nuestra querida Dorothy en estos versos. Me encanta.
    Falta polemica en tu blog. Falta color! Se extraña ese afan de levantarse y defender algo.

    • ❤ me levantaste el ánimo con lo de Dorothy Parker. que cool que la veas en lo que yo escribo.
      Si, lo sé. He escrito algunas cosas a través de los años, pero algunos son temas tan preciados para mi que mis palabras no son suficientes. Ya escribiré algo digno de publicar. Tengo mucho que decir, como bien sabes =P

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